There’s been an essential shift in how recruitment works over the last few weeks. An industry that is usually reluctant to embrace new technologies that allow for further flexibility and working from home has been flung into a drastic change, meaning most of us are operating from our home offices (or the couch!).

For some, this is a welcome change that brings with it many advantages – but self-isolation and working from home brings with it a new set of challenges, too. In an industry that is so reliant on inter-office communication and network building, suddenly finding yourself working at home, without the usual office conversations that you would usually have, can be incredibly isolating and difficult to deal with.

Following our blog on keeping your mental health strong during the pandemic, we’re also recommending five of our favourite podcasts to listen to while you’re stranded at home! Podcasts are the perfect way to keep yourself engaged with the outside world while you’re isolating, and these five positive-thinking podcasts are not just an excellent way to stay engaged, but they’re also a fantastic way to keep your mindset happy during what has become a relatively stressful time.

The Spencer Hunt team are always searching for the best way to keep the #positivevibes flowing, and these are our team’s top picks for the five podcasts you need to listen to while isolated – we’ve even included Spotify links to our favourite episodes, so you can try them out for yourself!


Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place


Fearne Cotton has successfully transitioned her career from Kids TV presenter, to Radio DJ and a best-selling author of self-help books including ‘Happy: Finding Joy in Every Day and Letting Go of Perfect’. The self-help and mindfulness themes are continued in her latest endeavour- the critically acclaimed ‘Happy Place’ podcast, which invites some incredible guests onto a platform on which they can explore their own coping mechanisms as we take a deep-dive into the psyche of some of the most beloved celebrities.

Fearne’s conversational and easy-going approach to interviewing her guests makes it seem as if we’re listening in on a private conversation between two friends – allowing us to listen to some of the most personal and intriguing journeys of the lives of people like Dawn French, Stephen Fry and Paloma Faith. While each guest is guided by the theme of mindfulness, the individual and personal experiences allow for a diverse set of podcast episodes that allow us to take a peek into the minds of some incredibly interesting personalities – with some fantastic life lessons to learn along the way.

In what is quite a stressful time for all of us, sticking on an episode of Happy Place is a fantastic way of figuring out how to cope with some of the psychological effects of isolation.

Essential Episodes: The quintessential episode is with Dawn French, but if you have time for others we’d highly recommend the Paloma Faith, Divina McCall & Stephen Fry episodes.


The Stuff You Should Know Podcast


Are you the kind of person who finds yourself buried ten-pages deep into a Wikipedia search after chatting about a topic at work? Do you spend most of your time on Netflix looking through true crime documentaries? If so, the ‘Stuff You Should Know’ podcast is definitely for you. One of the longest running podcasts going (over ten years!) there’s a huge backlog of incredibly interesting subjects, from the deepest subjects of science to the most interesting parts of pop culture and society. But don’t be put off by the subject matter – this is one of the easiest ways to brush yourself up on topics you really should know more about. The approachable and easy-to-listen to presenters (Josh & Chuck) make sure you’re never out of your depth when listening about some of the complicated subject matter – and it’s all very well researched too.

Finding yourself stuck indoors is the perfect opportunity to brush up on some knowledge that you really should know more about, and this is the perfect way of making it happen while you’re still working! Plus, learning more about something incredibly interesting is a great way to make you feel more positive and engaged.

Not sure where to get started with this podcast? We’ve hand-picked some of our favourite episodes for you to listen to…

Essential Episodes: The Black Panther Party, What’s the deal with baby boomers?


Dolly Parton’s America


Okay, so our office might be full of gays (except for Jo!) but trust us – this isn’t the only reason we’ve recommended a podcast all about Dolly Parton. You may know her as a country singer that’s been performing for eons, but this deep dive into Dolly Parton’s career and legacy gives you an incredible insight into her extraordinary business acumen and wonderful personality and attitude, too.

In what is quite a divided time in American politics, this investigation into one of the most prolific and beloved symbols of American culture is equal parts joyful and unifying. Host Jad Abumrad reaches deep inside the Dollyverse to find out how Parton’s genius as a songwriter and musician has turned her into the rarest of things: an icon equally loved by people on both sides of today’s cultural divide. This podcast is a feel-good journey through one star’s life that can’t help but put you in a great mood.

Essential Episodes: This is an easy to follow nine-part series, so start from the beginning and get yourself hooked! If you must listen to only one episode, we recommend the story behind her song Tennessee Mountain Home.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat


We might all be stuck at home for now, but it isn’t going to be that way forever – so while you’re turning your home into an office, this is the perfect opportunity to think about ways you can improve your working life when you get back into the building! That’s where Eat Sleep Work Repeat comes in, a podcast hosted by the frontman of Twitter on how individuals and corporations can each play a part in making their work/life balance stronger.

Each episode discusses how we can all make ourselves happier in the work place, talking to researchers and experts within the field to figure out how we can make our jobs better – the perfect companion to working from home!

This week’s episode is particularly interesting as it delves into the structural changes of work since the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, giving us an idea of how these changes could permanently affect the workplace and how we go about our jobs.

Essential Episodes: Give this week’s Work Undone episode a listen if you want an interesting take on how work is going to change through this year’s events. If you like that, try out A Career of Kindness and Inside Microsoft’s Cultural Reinvention.


The Receipts


This is the podcast to listen to if you want to feel like you’re talking amongst friends – which is something we all need a little more of while we stay isolated from most of the world. The Receipts is a critically acclaimed podcast that started as three women of colour talking through their everyday issues (from mental health to sex and beyond), and has now become a cultural phenomenon – even with a TV pilot in the works!

Audrey, Milena and Tolly T host this hilarious podcast that takes you through pop culture, social issues and random thoughts, with their charm and charisma quickly making them a staple of your podcast diet. It’s difficult to feel lonely with this podcast playing – and its always a blast to listen. Our personal favourite episodes are ‘Your Receipts’, where the three hosts act as agony aunts for listeners to hilarious effect.

Essential Listening: With so many episodes its easy to feel daunted – but if you’re just starting out, try I Work with my Boyfriend’s Side Chick and Red(ish) Flags.


…and there you have it. Five podcasts that are guaranteed to be good listening while you’re working from home. They’re easy to listen to, interesting and above all keep your spirits up in what’s turning out to be quite a difficult time! Recruitment might’ve been flipped upside down recently, but there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t keep our outlook positive with the help of some fantastic podcasts.

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