Books to Whisk You Away During Lockdown

The recruitment market is certainly in a good position during lockdown, thanks largely to the work of recruitment firms that have quickly adapted to working from home practices over the last 12 months. Despite this, being stuck at home can still take its toll on our mental health, even if the end is in sight, so it’s important we do everything we can to keep ourselves perked up during another phase of isolation.

The Spencer Hunt team are avid readers, so in an effort to spread some joy across our industry, we’re recommending our favourite, most positive books to whisk you away from your home while you’re stuck on the couch.   There’s no better escapism than a really great book -so dive in and find your next read to help you keep a positive mindset through the next few weeks!

The Nightshift Before Christmas – Adam Kay


You probably already know Adam Kay as the Author of the bestselling book This Is Going To Hurt (a read we also thoroughly recommend!). His sequel, The Nightshift Before Christmas is a love letter to anyone who works in the NHS and is equal parts hilarious and moving, as you take a peek behind the hospital curtain during one of its busiest times of the year.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh and make reflect on the importance of our health service at a time that makes the message of this book particularly poignant. As well as carrying humour and drama, Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas doesn’t hold back on the politics of the healthcare service, too. This is an eye-opening book for anyone who’s ever complained about our overworked hospital staff and is sure to make you appreciate anyone you know who works for our beleaguered health service!

Quite – Claudia Winkleman


Claudia Winkelman’s Autobiography was probably not the type of book you were expecting here, but believe us when we say it’s an absolute hoot. The Strictly star host has written a book that covers all the vital subjects – form the importance of melted cheese to the power of a good eyeliner – all with her trademark zany humour and gleeful abandon.

If you’re stuck at home, this is the perfect book to cheer you up – Claudia’s Quite helps you appreciate the small things in life. Even if you don’t agree with the things she finds important, it’s difficult to not be persuaded by her embrace of everything joyful. This book is a shot of positivity straight in the arm in an otherwise difficult and challenging time. Plus, Claudia is an excellent advocate for napping, and at times like these a good nap can really go a long way.

The Velveteen Rabbit


Perhaps you’re a little surprised to see a children’s book in our list of top cheerful reads – but if you’ve ever has the pleasure of reading The Velveteen Rabbit, you won’t be shocked at all. Margery Williams’ pioneering novel is one of the most relatable, inspiring, and poignant books you can read – both as a child and an adult.

If you’ve ever seen Toy Story you’re familiar with the idea of The Velveteen Rabbit (alternatively titled How Toys Come to Life), which for children seems like a simple story of how toys become real as they are loved – but for adults, it teaches is what real is and grounds us in the reality of love and everyday life.

Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated, and forever quoted across Instagram – The Velveteen Rabbit is the perfect book to pick up and enjoy on an otherwise cloudy day.

First we make the beast Beautiful – Sara Wilson


One for the bolder and anxiety-aware amongst us, First We Make The Beast Beautiful can seem difficult to read as Sarah Wilson takes us through some of the low-points in her life – but through adversity and difficult times, Sarah shows us how we can emerge stronger than ever.

First We Make The Beast Beautiful has become somewhat of a Hitchhiker’s guide to anxiety for anyone who find themselves dwelling on their mental health. Just the idea that nobody goes through this alone is enough to make you feel comforted, but the way Sarah battles through her anxiety is something to be marvelled at, and allows us all to take away some important lessons about how we take care of ourselves – one day at a time.

This is a well-written, expertly crafted journey through mental health that everyone deserves to read – and will make you all the stronger for doing so. As Sarah learns to find and love herself throughout this book, it’s difficult to ignore the power of her words.

Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Happiness – Bill Bailey


Another strictly star on our best books list? That’s right. Bill Bailey absolutely captivated the nation with his inspiring win on Strictly this year, proving that anyone of any age and any ability can learn to dance with enthusiasm (if you have a dozen of hours a day to practice, that is!)

If you’re familiar with Bill Bailey, you already know how infectious his lust for life and learning si already – and his most recent book is absolutely no exception. Rather than capitalising on his recent dancing-stardom, Bill Bailey walks us through the little things in life he enjoys the most, showing us how to find wisdom and joy in everything from letter writing to …reading the instructions of a vegetable steamer (you read that right!).

Along the journey, Bill constantly talks about happiness on a personal level, what it is, and how each person can achieve it in their own way. Everyone will take something different away from this book, but nobody will walk away unsatisfied.


…and that’s our five books to whisk you away! Have any recommendations for us? Our team is always reading, so we’re open to suggestions for books that can keep us both occupied and happy throughout lockdown. Send us an email here, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates on what we’re doing for recruiters during lockdown!

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